Meyer Dump Truck Spreader Cross Conveyor-STCC

Versatility for Four-Season Use - Equip your medium-duty (15,000 GVW and larger) dump truck to handle your year-round spreading needs. Whether you''re shouldering material, filling a ditch, patching asphalt or spreading sand on snow and ice (which requires an optional spinner attachment), the heavy-duty Cross Conveyor is an under tailgate system that can get the job done.


The spreader was designed to dump a massive leach pad in the irregular deep valleys close to the Toquepala pit. The upstream feeding equipment consists of an extendable and relocateable belt conveyor with a mobile head station on crawlers, a 60 m wheel driven Grasshopper and a 150 m long mobile conveyor bridge.

RDS (Radius Dump Spreader)

2015-6-25 · for Front Cross Conveyor Tip-Up Spinner Side Spinner w/ Drop Chute Remote Mounted Grease Extension with Each Grease Point Clearly Labeled. Available for Front and Rear Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel D ualAgerwith Belt Over Chain Bottom Screens RDS Options Body Construction Options: Discharge Options: Spinner Options: Tailgate Spreader with ...

For use with the STCC Cross Conveyor

2017-4-27 · The spreader should NEVER be used for any other purpose other than conveying granular materials or spreading ice melting or traction products on streets, parking lots, road shoulders and driveways. Failure to comply will result in property damage, death or serious injury. 10

Brochure Tailgate Spreaders

2020-4-15 · This family of proven products includes the Replaceable Tailgate R-Series ™, Under Tailgate S-Series, and Specialty Cross Conveyor (STCC™).These versatile products are designed for new or retrofit applications. As with any piece of Swenson equipment, your tailgate spreader is fully backed by a company wide commitment to customer service

TyCrop MH Cross Conveyor Spreader Attachment for MH400 ...

2021-3-3 · TyCrop MH Cross Conveyor Spreader Attachment for MH400 Series Topdresser. Comes with storage stands. Has some dings, scratches, some surface rust. It is in Good Condition, ready to work. This Tycrop MH Cross Conveyor Spreader Attachment is located in Lake Placid, Florida Zip Code 33852. Buyer is responsible for shipping charges.

Spreader Bodies

2021-8-9 · The integral cross-conveyor is charged with material by canting the body towards the front of the truck. This body instantly changes to conventional rear dump operation by exchanging hinge lock paddles front to rear, eliminating the need to remove and store a vee-hopper or tailgate spreader.


stcc cross conveyor spreader; g2 pps spreader; vbel electric v-box spreader; eva v-box auger spreader; ev100 stock v-box spreader; stellar truck bodies & trailers. tmax 2 aluminum; tmax 1 aluminum; tmax 30k aluminum; tmax 3; tmax 2; tmax 1; tmax 30k

Hydraulic Under Tailgate Cross Conveyor Spreader AC-1820 ...

Hydraulic Under Tailgate Cross Conveyor Spreader AC-1820 mikeyclaflin 2019-12-14T23:59:51+00:00. Project Description. Hydraulic Under Tailgate Cross Conveyor Spreader. Mounted to the rear of a dump body, the AC-1820 permits dumping of materials to the left or right without interfering with the operation of the tailgate.

New Leader

The TGC-18 tailgate spreader attachment is designed to be used for road shoulder berming, back filling trenches, pothole repair and conveying both hot and cold asphalt. When equipped with the optional spinner. attachment, the TGC-18 becomes a unit capable of spreading salt and sand for deicing or spreading aggregates for chip-sealing projects.

MUS Series-Spreader Bodies

2021-8-9 · Central longitudinal conveyor using 667x pintle chain emptying through the body front. The conveyor shall be driven by a 10 cubic inch hydraulic motor coupled to a 25:1 worm gear reducer box. The material is then feed to a frame mounted cross conveyor that feeds to a spinner arrangement.

Add a frame-mounted spreader to your winter maintenance ...

2021-8-27 · – Choose from a multitude of deicing material discharge configurations – rear discharge, front discharge or front left and/or right side discharge utilizing a cross conveyor – Spreader attached to chassis through Aeon rubber helper springs to reduce shock and …

open cast mining equipment

2021-8-5 · n Cross-pit conveyor bridge n Compact spreader n Effective output up to 7,000 m³/h A large variety of possible combinations of these ma-chines with individually matched spreaders and belt conveyor systems, as well as cross-pit spreaders, ensures efficient, cost-saving operations.

High-Efficiency Mulch Application

2020-11-20 · asked us to build a spreader for applying wood chips to those acid-loving plants. ... Cleated Belt Cross Conveyor helps assist in wider spread pattern . and breaks up clumpy material. Metering Gate gives additional control over . amount of material flow to Cross Conveyor. OPTIONS l. l l. l l. l l. l l. l 11-gauge, galvanized steel body on heavy ...

Road Maintenance & Pavement Repair Equipment

The Concord Berming Machine is a hydraulically driven pure belt undertailgate cross conveyor spreader. The belt direction is easily reversible, and with many attachments this machine provides a convenient method to do various jobs such as road berming, repairing …

Rear Cross Conveyor

2021-8-12 · The Monroe Equipment Rear Cross Conveyor Spreader is the top of the line berming and asphalt spreader. This unit can be stainless steel or painted to fit your preference. The standard model is designed with the ability to spread a variety of materials year-round, including hot asphalt.

Under Tailgate Cross Conveyors | Concord Road Equipment

Under Tailgate Cross Conveyors. Home • Products • Under Tailgate Cross Conveyors; Features And Available Options CLICK ON LINK BELOW FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: UNDER TAILGATE CROSS-CONVEYOR SPREADERS. Questions? Request More Information. Name * Phone * Company * Email * Address.

Swenson STCC Cross Conveyor Spreader

2020-9-18 · Swenson STCC Cross Conveyor Spreader Brand: Swenson. Features. Designed for Class 7 + trucks (26,000 GVW ) An all-around performer designed for year round use including trench filling, shouldering, road sander and asphalt patching. High temp belt over chain handles a …

Golf Course Fairway Topdresser Material Handlers

Rear mounted cross conveyor with 180 degree swivel gives easy access to tight areas and allows operator to evenly spread around material without moving machine. Dual-beam suspension provides lower center of gravity for maximum stability. Self-cleaning hopper made of …

open cast mining equipment

2018-8-9 · n Cross-pit conveyor bridge n Compact spreader n Effective output up to 7,000 m³/h A large variety of possible combinations of these ma-chines with individually matched spreaders and belt conveyor systems, as well as cross-pit spreaders, ensures efficient, cost-saving operations.

Swenson Products

8  · 2021-8-28 · STCC Cross Conveyor Spreader Highlights . Designed for Class 7 + trucks (26,000 GVW ) An all-around performer designed for year round use including trench filling, shouldering, road sander and asphalt patching. High temp belt over chain handles a variety …

CDS Spreader-Spreader Bodies

2021-8-9 · The Center Discharge Spreader body by Everest is designed for optimum spread patterns, excellent serviceability, maximum uptime and extreme durability to assure municipalities smooth running operations. Available with front, rear or front and rear discharge spread configuration. 28″ chain width with bar flight on every link provides optimum ...

Meyer Meyer Cross Conveyor Dump Truck Spreader (62729 ...

2021-8-2 · Performance:The Meyer Cross Conveyor is the most efficient method of distributing granular or asphalt material on the market today. It mounts quickly and easily underneath your dump truck''s tailgate for year-round sue. No matter what the job, this heavy-duty conveyor …

Flink FIS18 SNOW PLOWS & SPREADERS Cross Conveyor …

2010-6-15 · Cross Conveyor Spreader Dual Purpose Under Tailgate Design . Rear Cross Conveyor Spreader Specification Sheet General Mounts at rear of dump body below regular dump box tailgate Self-leveling mounting with quick attach/detach hardware Spreads wide variety of …

4 cu. yd. MH-400 Series Tow-Behind Material Handler

The cross conveyor is ideal for completing renovations, cart path rebuilding, applying mulch, back filling of drainage ditches, and much more. Install the twin spinner accessory and the MH-400 becomes a large area topdresser to transport and accurately spread materials ranging …

Spreadmaster Spreaders – SMW Sales LLC

The material spreader can be ordered in green/yellow or red/white. All electric welded 12 gauge body side and end sheets. Sides of the spreader are on a 46 degree angle to prevent wet material build up or the bridging of other material. Subframe 3/16″ supported by heavy 3″ channel cross members.

Spreader Cable

Spreader 722 is a control cable for hoisting cages in crane systems. It is used for carriers, for example, spreaders with high mechanical stress and vertical cage operation.


2010-6-15 · #12 gauge conveyor sides and #10 gauge floor all welded into a unit • Three side supports per side with inside cross channel for additional rigidity • Lift loops, provided at each corner for easy handling of empty spreader • Rear gate opening is controlled by a lever and chain arrangement, without

Monroe MS10318 Rear Cross Conveyor || Biddergy

2019-6-26 · Monroe MS10318 Rear Cross Conveyor. Make: Monroe Snow and Ice. Model: MS10318. S/N: 01-08-8758. Condition: Working - Good overall physical condition - Municipal owned and maintained. Additional Info: *Inspection in Holland, MI - BY APPOINTMENT (contact: [email protected] ) *Pick up in Holland, MI - BY APPOINTMENT after payment through Biddergy ...

CS660/CS661 Spreader Controller

2021-8-18 · 2.12 (4 knob) Spreader + 3Boom Anti-icing + Cross Conveyor The 4 knobs (left right) are for Spinner, Conveyor, Prewet and Anti-ice. The Up/Down arrows at the top left are for cross conveyor speed control. It has 4 external switches built in the armrest or a separate enclosure to switch booms On/Off and switch cross conveyor direction.

14 ft Dump Body with Cross Conveyor Spreader – Dump …

2015-11-24 · 707 Fir Ave Collins, MS 39428 1.800.228.4842 [email protected]

14 ft Dump Body with Cross Conveyor Spreader

2015-11-24 · This 14 ft steel dump body with cross conveyor spreader features our model AC-1820 Cross Conveyor Spreader with Spinner Assembly on the curbside. The cross conveyor spreader is used to clean up liquid spills. For example, if there is a wreck on the interstate with a fuel tank puncture, the county would use this spreader …

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